Mining and Minerals

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During 2003, total sales of primary minerals amounted to R13.3 billion, making us the country’s third largest contributor. Interest is developing in Limpopo’s mineral riches and has reached unprecedented levels, with 396 prospecting and mining liceces having been issued in 2002. Limpopo has no less than 136 operating mines, producing 9% of South Africa’s income from minerals.

Our mineral wealth remains unexploited!

80% of the earth’s geological history is represented within Limpopo’s borders. Resources include three types of precious metals and stones, 12 types of ferrous and base metals, and 23 types of industrial minerals, according to the Council for Geoscience.

Diamonds, gold and platinum group metals make up Limpopo’s wealth of precious metals and stones. Ferrous and base metals include antimony, chromium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, nickel, silicon, tin, vanadium and zinc. Industrial minerals include amosite, andalusite, coal, gemstones, granite, graphite, gypsum, limestone, mica, magnesite, phosphate and vermiculite.

The vast wealth bodes well, not only for mining itself, but for related opportunities as well. There are unlimited opportunities for the manufacturing and supply of amongst other, tools, uniforms, machinery and plant equipment.

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