Limpopo Province was created for growth, and we are poised to create growth for investors too. Thanks to a near miraculous climate, with rainfalls in excess of 1 000mm per annum in some areas, there are two harvesting seasons here.

Agriculturally speaking, Limpopo is the food basket of South Africa – 75% of the country’s mangoes, 65% of its papayas, 36% of its tea, 25% of its citrus, bananas and litchis, 60% of its avocadoes, 67% of tomatoes and a whopping 285 000 tonnes of potatoes are grown here. Other crops include coffee, nuts, guavas, a burgeoning sisal industry, cotton, tobacco and timber in addition to staples such as sunflowers, maize, wheat and table grapes. Cattle and game farming are thriving.

Agriculture has also stimulated the ancillary development of a growing range of processed products, such as fruit juice and concentrates. Considerable opportunity exists in the areas of processing and packaging, as well as the export of beef, pork, chicken and eggs, as well as fruit and vegetables.

The Limpopo Provincial Government is also facilitating development of new types of farming and further value-added processing of products as diverse as sugar, soya, essential oils, catfish and goats.

Contact Nyiko Mhinga for more information about the agri-business sector.

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